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Course in five parts

In a five-part program, I will show you how to go from fundamental facial structure to facial expression to a complete character. The course is a package that includes everything important: the three views of the face, how to draw eyes, nose and mouth, how to depict emotions and how the rules can sometimes be broken.

Character Design by Natasha‘s Art


One lesson lasts approximately 180 minutes. They can take place either once a week, all in one week, or in an intensive weekend, depending on your preference.

  • Lesson 1: The Basics (Fundamental facial structure, frontal view, half profile, profile)

  • Lesson 2: Facial features (development of eyes, nose and mouth)

  • Lesson 3: Expression (Adding emotion to the face)

  • Lesson 4: Character Design pt.1 (Designing your first own characters)

  • Lesson 5: Character design pt. 2 (Detailed development of your own character)

Varying art styles

Current availability: By inquiry, personal arrangement


Requirements Previous knowledge: None

                                      Age: From twelve years

Registration via email to

                                Please define: - First and last name of the participant

- Which course you are registering for

- Your age

- Your preferred payment method (see costs )


Costs (per course) Up to 16 years: CHF 380

                                    From 16 years: CHF 450

                             Materials: CHF 20

                                        Payable by direct bank transfer, Twint, PayPal or in cash on the first day of the course

Eindrücke aus vergangenen Kursen

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