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Natasha Secrist


Fascination & Passion

Ever since I was very young, I couldn't keep my hands off paper and pen. Whole legends, epics and myths were constantly playing out in my head, which I wanted to portray through drawing. It started with cats, countless cats with wings, horns, crowns, claws, dresses, magical powers, with cat princesses and evil cat stepmothers. That changed when I discovered the unicorn, and from then on I could only think of these fantastic creatures. I started writing down my stories and inventing distinctive characters. I also projected myself into the stories, making myself a character too, so that at least in my imagination I could cast magic spells and fly through the air with unicorns. As I got older, the main subject of my stories changed from unicorns to dragons, from dragons to fairies, and finally from fairies to humans.
During this time, when I entered the first year of secondary school, I discovered the world of manga and anime. This discovery was probably the biggest turning point in my career as an artist, because at the time, fascination with this new medium was probably a sober understatement. Not a minute went by without me wanting to know more about it, consume more, and draw more of it. I drew every day and was so passionate about it that I made leaps and bounds in my drawing skills. Since then, this fascination has never left me and has motivated me to further develop my skills and test the limits of my imagination.
I love drawing and hope to be able to pass on this enthusiasm to other people.
Nothing is impossible in the world of art and it welcomes everyone with open arms. Dare to welcome it as well! 


  • From February 2021:                  Student at the University of Zurich, Major Japan Studies & Minor Sinology

  • From May 2020:                         Co-instructor at the Farbschmiede Knonau 

  • Aug. to Dec. 2020:               Attending the PreCollege Jazz at the Swiss Jazz School in Bern                

  • 2019 to January 2020:          Six month-long sojourn in Japan (language school and performances))

  • 2015 to 2019                         Matriculation at the Kantonsschule Stadelhofen (Graduation project:  Animation                                                                         "Hibiku & Tsukimi")

  • 2013 to 2015                         Secondary school Niederweningen

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