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Fantasy & Creativity

In my world, nothing is impossible! Drawing gives you the opportunity to bring stories and characters from your imagination into reality. For this purpose, I have taught myself character design and fantasy in order to bring the characters in my head to life. On this website you will find my portfolio and the various courses I offer.
Welcome to my world!




Produced with pencils, fineliners, markers, watercolor etc.

The hands-on method of drawing directly on paper is timeless and proves itself time and time again. Whether quick pencil sketches or elaborate watercolor paintings, whether Da Vinci or today's Disney cartoonists: paper is always in demand and accepts everything. I also learned to draw with paper and traditional media, and although I now have the digital alternative, paper offers a drawing experience that the digital pad has not yet replaced.



Design on digital pads (Wacom, iPad) and artist’s software (Photoshop, Procreate)

If you want to keep up in the modern creative industry, digital know-how is a must. In many areas, digital drawing offers a great advantage: easy editing of already completed works of art, unlimited color selection and a general simplification of the work process. With digital effects and editing options, drawings can now be made practically photorealistic: a sought-after skill for the film and game industry.



The neverending art of drawing faces

Faces have always fascinated me: no two look exactly alike, yet the fundamental shapes and proportions are the always the same. Mastering the face is one of my many goals as an artist, but the most important reason is that the face reflect personality the most, and is therefore the most important element in character design.



The realizing of fantasy

Character design brings together everything I love: inventing new personalities, applying drawing techiques and know-how, and the opportunity to let creativity run wild. It's not just the appearance that matters, but also the emotional dimension of the character. Creating and exploring all these facets is exciting and great fun! 



If you are interested in learning character design or want to start drawing, then you have come to the right place! Whether you have no previous knowledge or you want to delve deeper into a specific area, you will definitely find a suitable course here.


Online-Kurs at Natasha‘s Art

Drawing from home

Do you want to learn how to draw quickly, affordably and from home? Natasha's online courses make it possible. Every Tuesday we look at a new, exciting topic during a creative and interactive hour.
Be it people, animals, landscapes and technical topics, this offer covers everything and more.


Character Design course at Natasha‘s Art

Five-part program

Are you fascinated by the fantastic characters in media such as films, games or comics and would like to learn how to draw them? Or do you want to invent such characters yourself but don't know how or where to start? Then this course is just right for you!


The three facial perspectives - part of the course content

1 to 1 lesson on a topic of your choice

If you have always wanted to delve deeper into a particular topic that your art teacher never touched on, I can help you here. As long as it is within my abilities, I will teach you everything you want to know!


A picture according entirely to your imagination

If you like my art and want to receive a drawing tailored to your imagination, you have come to the right place. Just send me an email with your details and I will respond with a fair estimate of the time and price. If you agree, I will accept the commission and deliver an excellent result.


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Pink clouds drawn in Procreate

About me



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