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CALAMITY Chapter 12 - Paradise

Aktualisiert: 14. Jan. 2021


The door to the basement fell shut with a metallic clang. Xie Lian looked around the space he had just entered: What he saw pleasantly surprised him.

Although one might think that being taken away by a stranger in the night and ending up in a basement with a window so small, it barely let any light through would make anybody think twice about continuing, and make alarm bells go off… Xie Lian felt none of that. At no other point in his life that he could recall did he feel so at ease, so eager and excited as he was right now, standing in the presence of the tall and charismatic man next to him. Xie Lian suspected that even if San Lang lead him to the most gruesome, haunted place on this earth, he would follow him without a second thought, trusting him with his life… because he knew he could. San Lang was his savior. In his heart Xie Lian knew that there already was a bond between them that while invisible, was unbreakable.

The apartment he walked into wasn’t big, but it was furnished with style. On the ripped, red wallpapers hung posters and magazine cutouts, depicting artistic photographs of pretty people. There was a comfy-looking couch covered in patterned fabrics, in front a sturdy coffee table with candles upon it. In the corner loomed a huge, grown-out plant with big, heart-shaped leaves. As they walked in, the only light was provided by a crimson neon sign on the wall, its glowing letters depicting the word „Paradise“. In the red gloom, everything seemed dark and enticing, as if Xie Lian just walked into the devil’s lair.

Xie Lian looked at the wordless San Lang next to him. In this atmosphere, everything was dyed crimson, and San Lang’s pale white skin now looked as if it was doused in blood. His wild, jet-black hair seemed even darker, sucking in Xie Lian’s gaze, making him struggle to resist the temptation of reaching out and sinking his fingers into it. From this side, San Lang’s long fringe concealed the eyepatch covering his right eye, making his expression unreadable. Finally, San Lang released his tense stance and turned towards Xie Lian, his red eye glowing. He wordlessly extended his arms and carefully peeled Xie Lian’s jacket off his torso, his gaze not leaving Xie Lian’s for a second.

Only when San Lang broke eye contact as he turned around to hang up the jacket, did Xie Lian notice that he had forgotten to breathe this whole time and with a small gasp, released his held breath. He bit his lip with shame as he noticed his heart beating at an out of control pace, and scolded himself to calm down. He was a guest; he should watch his manners!

But only now that his jacket was off and he became self-conscious, did Xie Lian realize that he was still wearing his mint-colored hospital gown, making him look completely out of place in the atmospheric apartment. Just as he was about to sink his head in embarrassment, he felt fabric weigh down on his shoulders, and through it two hands holding it. He lifted his head, and froze as he found himself just inches away from that of San Lang’s.

After a short moment of silence, San Lang smiled and softly said: „Gege, if you’re cold, wear this.“ Only after Xie Lian managed to tear his eyes away from the haunting face did he look and realize that San Lang had covered his back with a sweat-jacket several sizes too big for him, but made out of a very soft and comfortable material. But Xie Lian slightly frowned as he noticed that the jacket was very clearly emanating a unique fragrance, one that Xie Lian had already smelled once before, amidst the snow, deep in the forest… it was the smell of San Lang. Heavy, musky but sweet, like a poison apple covered in honey, deadly but irresistible. Xie Lian suddenly felt dizzy as the fragrance stimulated his senses, surrounding him from everywhere, making him lose his sense of time and space.

There was only red filling his vision, San Lang’s voice reverberating in his ears, the enticing fragrance entering his nose, a cacophony of voices in his mind… everything completely muddled his brain. Xie Lian felt the electricity within him make his scalp tingle and his hair stand on end… this scene, this crimson scene, with just him and San Lang, this overwhelming sense of intoxication… was familiar. It happened before. Not long ago. And when it did… well, the outcome, everybody knew.

Xie Lian knew that he was about to lose control over his actions again, that he was about to surrender to his desires, the cries from his heart and soul, and sink his teeth into the poison apple. But when he felt an ache where his heart was racing in his chest, he squeezed his eyes shut, breathing heavily. No, he thought. Don’t lose control, not this time. You’re more than a rabid animal. Don’t scare San Lang… he saved your life!! Control yourself!!!

As he took another deep, shaky breath, Xie Lian slowly opened his eyes again, only to stare right into San Lang’s face, its features tinted with worry.

„Gege, are you alright?? I’m sorry if I made you uncomfortable… I was too fast… let me take you back to the hospital!“ Suddenly frantic, San Lang turned around to get out the jacket again, making Xie Lian’s eyes widen in shock. He couldn’t help it… before he knew it, his body had already jerked forward, his arms slinging themselves around the sturdy torso in front of him. „No!!!“, Xie Lian exclaimed, chest pressed against San Lang’s back.

„I’m not uncomfortable, San Lang! I don’t want to go back to the hospital, I— I want to stay here with you.“

Xie Lian’s pleas sounded muffled through the San Lang’s clothes, and luckily, they seemed to have worked: San Lang was frozen in place, not even moving a single muscle. Feeling like he surprised the other man too much and acted rashly, Xie Lian demurely unraveled his grip and pulled back his arms, but before he could completely breach contact, San Lang’s hand suddenly emerged from in front and grasped Xie Lian’s retreating arm.

Surprised, Xie Lian watched San Lang as he turned around to face him, eye wide and glimmering. His grip was firm, but careful and gentle. Xie Lian’s arm rested so comfortably in the other man’s hand, it made his cheeks flare up once again. This is so bad, he thought. He wanted more…

With a low and soft voice, San Lang said: „Gege, why don’t you sit down on the couch. Make yourself comfortable, I’ll get you some tea.“

Feeling like he couldn’t really speak, Xie Lian just nodded and let himself be lead inside the red-lit living room, which was adjacent to an open kitchen. Dazed, he let himself fall down on the couch, and immediately sunk down several inches into the cushions… they were extremely soft. There he sat, wrapped into one of San Lang’s hoodies, watching the man some meters in front of him stand at the kitchen counter, fumbling around with dishes… and never felt more relaxed, more content. Through the haze in his eyes and mind, Xie Lian thought: How nice it would be if this moment could last forever, that nothing would ever change… just him and San Lang, forever.

Xie Lian had completely snuggled into the oversized hoodie, struggling to keep the sleeves from falling over his hands. After a few minutes, San Lang returned from the kitchen with two steaming mugs in his hands, and Xie Lian eventually had no choice but to grab the handle through a layer of cloth. Like this, he now looked like he had two paws instead of hands, sipping at the tea while kneeling on the couch, a warm blush softening his features.

Carefully, San Lang took a seat next to him, cautious not to make the cushion bounce, but made no move to drink his tea… he only gazed at Xie Lian, expression intense, but unreadable. Xie Lian felt his eye on him, making his cheeks and something deep within his abdomen burn up even more. But still, he reigned himself in, forcing down all the desires and unspeakable thoughts that entered his mind, and lowered his arms with a calm smile.

„San Lang, thank you for the hospitality. It’s a very nice place you have. If you don’t mind… can I ask you some questions?“, Xie Lian shyly asked, curious to learn more about his host’s life. San Lang also put down his mug and leaned back on the couch, black hair falling shifting and exposing his collarbones.

„I’ll be happy to answer any of Gege’s questions“, he said with a warm tone. Like a magnet, Xie Lian’s eyes kept gravitating towards San Lang’s perfectly protruding collarbones, making him tighten his fingers around the mug’s handle. Through a clenched throat, he finally asked as calmly as possible: „Does San Lang live here all alone?“

„I used to have a roommate, but she left not too long ago. Now I’ve got the place all to myself.“

So he lived here all alone. What good fortune— I mean, what a shame, Xie Lian thought with suppressed glee.

„I see, that’s… sad. Why did she leave?“, Xie Lian asked.

At this, San Lang looked a bit embarrassed and averted his eyes for a moment. „She’s my bandmate, but we often argue, and after the concert… well, I guess she had enough of me.“ Quickly, he added: „But Gege doesn’t need to worry, it’s not because of what happened with you, it’s my fault. Our band often disputes, because we’ve got… a lot of different-minded people. It’s normal.“

As San Lang started talking about CALAMITY, Xie Lian’s ears perked up in attention. During all of this, the hospital stay, the confession and this sudden visit, he had completely forgotten that San Lang was part of a now infamous band, that which had saved him from a very dark place not too long ago. He now had the perfect chance to find out more about its elusive members!

Excited, Xie Lian leaned closer towards San Lang. „So your roommate was your band’s guitarist, right? She was so cool on stage!! What’s her name?“, he asked. San Lang was first surprised at Xie Lian’s enthusiastic question, but then his eyes slightly narrowed, taking Xie Lian aback. Did he ask too much??, he wondered nervously. San Lang finally spoke, with a weird tone in his voice.

„Gege… I appreciate that you think she performed well… but why do you ask about her so excitedly? Did… you not think that I was… cool too, on stage?“

Looking at San Lang, people might have thought that he was glaring at Xie Lian, but Xie Lian’s eyes didn’t escape the soft redness resting on the man’s cheeks. Baffled, Xie Lian realized that San Lang was pouting. Having to resist slapping his hand over his mouth to keep laughter from bursting out, Xie Lian simply grinned with full cheeks. „San Lang, trust me, I only averted my eyes from you because your coolness was too strong, too overwhelming; I would have burned up had I looked at you longer, so I had to take a short break. Please forgive me“, Xie Lian giggled. San Lang really was too adorable, he thought.

Looking at Xie Lian laugh so gleefully, San Lang’s face softened immediately. He then cleared his throat in embarrassment. „If Gege says so, it’s fine. Okay, I promised to answer Gege’s questions… her name is He Xuan, the cold witch. Rest assured that her heart is just as icy as her face on stage. I suggest Gege to stay away from her“, he finally answered.

Xie Lian was surprised. He didn’t expect San Lang to speak like this about his former roommate, but took his words to heart.

„Okay, then what about the other members?“, he asked, curiosity not having faded a bit.

But this time, San Lang’s reaction was completely different. The redness immediately vanished from his cheeks and a dark, menacing aura shadowed his face. Under furrowed brows, his eye glowed dangerously, staring off into the air with unspeakable intent. The sudden change made Xie Lian’s breath stop in shock. This San Lang was completely unknown, more akin to a wild beast, emanating a cold darkness which was petrifying. Xie Lian didn’t blink, frozen in place to stare at Hua Cheng. When Hua Cheng spoke again, his voice was so deep, it was almost growling, soaked with uninhibited anger.

„Those guys… better watch out what they say and do around me. They’re already treading a very, very fine line. Gege, don’t even bother with those people, it’s not worth your time and energy. Please promise me… to absolutely stay away from them, okay?“ At last, Hua Cheng raised his head to look at Xie Lian, his burning gaze almost imploring. It sent shivers down Xie Lian’s spine… he sensed how serious he was. He didn’t even need to think about his answer. „San Lang, I promise! If San Lang says so, it must be true. I’ll stay away from them“, he said quickly, trying to sound as reassuring as he could, returning San Lang’s deep gaze with big, unblinking eyes. Hua Cheng finally seemed to relax as he took a deep breath and released his tension.

„I trust you, Gege. I’m sorry for startling you.“ He smiled at Xie Lian softly, making him in turn breathe in relief. „Is there anything else that Gege is curious about?“ Xie Lian pondered his question for a moment, and then he snapped his fingers as he remembered something.

„There was something! San Lang, why is it that I didn’t need to pay an entrance fee to the performance? Was there some kind of mistake?“ Xie Lian had really wondered about this for a while now.

San Lang looked at him, face completely open and honest. „That wasn’t a mistake, Gege; nobody needed to pay for entrance, the code from the cassette was all you needed.“

The smile on Xie Lian’s face froze in place as he processed San Lang’s words. What.

Almost believing that it was a joke, Xie Lian spoke flatly: „Do you mean to say that nobody had to pay for entrance, nobody had to pay for food and drinks, and there were no sponsors?? For your debut performance? San Lang…. how much did you profit from the show? Was there any revenue at all?? What.... just who takes care of business in the band??“ Xie Lian was in disbelief. He dreaded that what he just learned was a case of mismanagement on a colossal scale.

San Lang’s face dropped. Xie Lian was right; he hadn’t earned anything… but he had thought that it was because of the problems he had caused, and he was being punished for it… but he knew that He Xuan also didn’t have any money, or she would have been able to pay for rent… Bai Wuxiang… just what was Bai Wuxiang doing??

Clearly baffled and shocked, San Lang stuttered: „I-I don’t know, our bassist takes care of business ends… I don’t know how much we earned, or if we earned anything at all… I’m sorry…“, he finally concluded, helpless.

Xie Lian’s eyes had kept widening at San Lang’s words, now all he could do was sigh loudly and burrow his head in his hand. This was unbelievable. But then, he stopped in his movements, as a light suddenly seem to turn on in his mind. He whipped his head up again to face San Lang, a sparkle in his eyes. „San Lang… what about… I take care of management and accounting ends of the band? I’m a business major, after all. Of course, only if you trust my abilities enough…“ He suggested with excitement. Working for the band would be perfect! He’d make some money, and be able to stay close to San Lang…

But after initial surprise, an unsure expression took over San Lang’s face. „I don’t know, Gege… it’s not that I doubt your capabilities, but as I said… the other members, Gege would do best to stay away from…“, he said with hesitation, but emphasis.

Xie Lian smiled. „That’s fine! I wouldn’t have to meet them, I could do my job from home, and I could convey messages over you, or per fax or something…“ At his words, San Lang’s face turned a bit crooked. „…Gege, do you not own a cell phone?“ he asked, his voice a bit incredulous.

Xie Lian’s mouth froze in a half-open position, before he turned away in embarrassment. He scratched his head and answered very softly: „…No, I don’t. I should have one, shouldn’t I… I’m sorry, I’ll look into it… might have to clinch on food money though…“ he faded into a mumble during the end, too ashamed to look up, but San Lang quickly fell into his words.

„No that’s alright, Gege doesn’t need a cell phone!! You don’t need internet or anything, Gege only needs me.“ Choking on his breath as he realized what he just said, San Lang froze with his eye wide open.

Xie Lian stared back at him, but then bubbled over with delighted laughter. „San Lang is right, absolutely right!! I only need San Lang! Hahaha!“

Xie Lian let his laughter run out, then looked at him with a tender smile and blushed cheeks. „I promise I’ll only stay close to San Lang, so what do you say?“ San Lang looked back at him with a gaze so deep and intense, Xie Lian felt like he could lose himself within.

Finally, he answered softly: „Alright, I’ll talk about it with the other members, I’ll do my best. I trust that Gege keeps his promise.“

Xie Lian firmly nodded and responded: „ I will! I’ll also do my best!“

It seemed like everything that needed to be said had been said, and silence filled the living room once again. During this pause, San Lang bent forward and lit some of the candles on the coffee table, bringing a bit more light into the atmospheric space. While Xie Lian watched him do so, he couldn’t help but ask one more thing.

„San Lang… I’m so happy that we’ve finally met. But why did you wait so many years…? In the end, we’re together and that’s all that matters… I’m just curious, and you don’t need to answer if you don’t want to.“ Xie Lian’s tone was gentle, not wanting to push San Lang for an answer.

San Lang was quiet for a moment, the flickering flame reflecting in his red eye. Xie Lian eventually thought he wouldn’t answer, regretting even asking in the first place… but then, San Lang started speaking softly.

„Gege… in my eyes, you were always the most radiant, the brightest and purest being, somebody that somebody like me couldn’t get close to. I’m so low, so ugly… all I dared to do was to honor you with flowers, hoping it could deliver some of my feelings to you, hoping their beauty would be worthy of yours. Even now, I can barely believe that I get to sit here and speak with you... I was so afraid that Gege would be appalled by me, hate me, reject me… but Gege… you didn’t, didn’t you?“

Listening to San Lang’s words, who seemed to utter them with such apprehension and shyness, Xie Lian felt a knot forming in his throat and tears slowly line his eyes. He was in disbelief.

All these years… his darkest, most painful years, San Lang had kept watching him, and yet had not seen any of the agony… had seen him as a bright, kind person, all while he had been battling despair and absolute self-hatred… it was unimaginable. And even more than that, San Lang described himself as ugly, all while everytime Xie Lian looked at him, he lost his breath in awe and admiration. The irony was palpable. Both people saw in each other something that they were unable to find in themselves anymore… but was most definitely there. The both of them just needed somebody to tell them just how precious and beautiful they were. Realizing this, Xie Lian’s chest got heavy with sadness. What would have happened if they hadn’t met… if he hadn’t met San Lang, what would he have done…?

Tears blurring his vision, Xie Lian slowly cupped San Lang’s face between his soft hands, lips trembling as he spoke:

„San Lang… my dear San Lang, how could I ever even begin to hate you… you, whose soul is the most vibrant, whose heart is the most caring, who is the most beautiful… who sees the best even in somebody like me… You are one that I owe my life and give my heart to. How could I ever reject you?“ Xie Lian’s gaze pierced deep into the abyss which was San Lang’s wide eye.

„San Lang… I belong to you.“

With that final whispered promise, Xie Lian leaned in and pressed his lips against San Lang’s.

Immediately, it felt like the heat of fire flooded his body and spread all the way from his face down to his toes. Where their lips touched, electricity seemed to flow, a tingling sensation jumping back and forth between his lips and those of San Lang’s.

Now that he had done it, there was no use of self-control. The switch had been flipped, and the gates opened to release all that Xie Lian had been suppressing since he had arrived.

With excitement, he learned that he might not have been the only one holding back, as Hua Cheng returned his kisses with even greater force, even being the first to breach the other’s lips and enter his mouth.

Hua Cheng’s tongue stretched deep into Xie Lian’s throat, prompting him to purse his lips around it and suck. As the intrusion got more intense, wet noises and gasps emanated from Xie Lian’s mouth, his lips already slightly swollen from all the pressure and biting. As Xie Lian gradually got overwhelmed by the determined probing and pressing, he felt his limbs lose all of their strength, his body desperate to give in to the strong, lustful figure now slowly bending over him, pressing him down onto the cushions of the couch.

Amidst the gasps and moans, the sucking and biting, the heat and the cold, Xie Lian completely surrendered to his body’s desires without the slightest of struggles. Lust muddled his brain and made a red haze cover his vision. As he felt his back touch the couch, and the heat of Hua Cheng’s body just inches away from his own, he automatically parted his knees and let him descend even further. Their abdomens touched, sending a white-hot bolt of lighting through Xie Lian, a wave of shivers coursing over his skin. Suddenly, Xie Lian felt an agonizing, burning heat between his legs, screaming at him to be released. Xie Lian felt like he was about to go crazy, and continued to listen to his body as he clasped his legs around Hua Cheng’s waist, locking him in place against the burning spot.

Xie Lian’s back was now completely submerged in the couch. His usually orderly hair was sprawled out around in chaos, entangled in Hua Cheng’s hands, which were stemmed into the cushions on the left and right from his head. From Hua Cheng’s eye, red sparks seemed to fly, his gaze burrowing so deep into Xie Lian, it felt like all his defenses were stripped away one by one, exposing everything to that glowing ruby. Under this visual torment, Xie Lian raised his chin instinctively, surrendering his vulnerable neck to the one preying upon him. Hua Cheng stared at the perfect throat, almost salivating, ready to sink his teeth into the pristine skin… when he lifted his hand and ran his thumb across a faint scar that wrapped all around the front of the neck in a horizontal line. He could immediately tell what kind of injury this was, and the realization made his blood freeze. In shock, Hua Cheng looked back at Xie Lian, who had noticed what had captured the other man’s attention.

Through red lips, Xie Lian mumbled: „San Lang, don’t worry… it’s an old scar. We all have scars, San Lang doesn’t need to worry about this one.“

Still unsure, Hua Cheng wanted to say more, but stopped and decided to trust Xie Lian. After all, he had a pretty big scar himself… and they could talk about this another day.

Xie Lian was relieved to see Hua Cheng’s features relax back into the darkness of lust, knowing that he was able to pacify him sufficiently. Wanting to ease his mind a bit more, Xie Lian shifted his hips, rubbing his burning abdomen against Hua Cheng’s own. When he lowered his body down a bit, he suddenly felt a poke against his butt. He sharply drew his breath in, just as Hua Cheng too flinched at the contact. Before Xie Lian could react, he felt a slight pull on his scalp, and then the ecstasy-inducing feeling of teeth sinking into his throat. Between the sharp fangs nicking his skin, Xie Lian felt the soft pressure of Hua Cheng’s tongue against the bite. The contrast between stabbing and soothing, sharp and soft, predatory and comforting, made Xie Lian tremble and throw back his head with a breathless moan.

While Hua Cheng continued to cover Xie Lian’s neck with moon-shaped bite marks, his free hand had found the lower seam of his hospital shirt, pushing up the fabric while gliding across Xie Lian’s soft belly. Trembling with oversensitivity, Xie Lian wanted to shrink away from the burning touch, but found that he nowhere to escape to. His body was stuck between the couch and Hua Cheng’s body, held down by hands in his hair and teeth in his throat. And now, another hand was travelling up his torso, evoking flinches and desperate gasps from Xie Lian whenever it rested or applied pressure. The worst part was the hardening object between his legs, burrowing deeper into his skin as gravity worked against him. Xie Lian’s entire body was under assault by Hua Cheng’s touch, and the intensity of it all was about to drive Xie Lian mad. He felt the strange ache in his chest again, but in this situation, it only added to the experience.

But it wasn’t enough, not yet. There needed to be more. Through his swollen lips, Xie Lian started to beg in gasps. „S-San Lang, ugh, p-p-please, give me more, g-go all the way, destroy— ah!! Destroy me please, won’t you?? M-m-make me yours!!!“ Xie Lian only managed to shout this before a strong throb from between his legs robbed him of his words.

Xie Lian’s pitiful begging succeeded in inciting Hua Cheng even more; for the first time, a snarl escaped from between his teeth, as he tightened his grip on Xie Lian’s hair above with one hand and started to effortlessly peel off his loose, mint-colored pants with the other.

Xie Lian’s body was so hot, he didn’t even feel the cool air brush against his now exposed skin. All he knew was that now, there was at least one layer less separating him from the rock-hard object, and just a moment later… there was none.

Xie Lian’s heart stopped as he felt the tip of the hard shaft press right against his entrance, making his legs immediately lose all their strength. Xie Lian could no longer process a coherent thought, didn’t even try to think… he only felt, and reacted. His legs fell from Hua Cheng’s waist and tilted outwards, not being able to close anymore in the space occupied by Hua Cheng’s torso.

Now, with his legs wide open, the mess which was unfolding between them could finally be seen in all its glory: His delicate manhood had already long been erect, burning and twitching, red-hot with impatience and desire. From the taut tip, pearls of white liquid were dripping down onto his stomach, and the entrance to his body further down was swollen and flushed, begging to be filled and ravaged.

As if responding to the calls and cries of Xie Lian’s body, Hua Cheng’s imposing shaft thickened even further, altering between adding and releasing pressure to his still-tight entrance. As Xie Lian gradually got an idea of what kind of massive object was about to intrude into his body, both fear and thrill overcame him. His hands, which had before been idly grabbing for support in the couch’s cushions, now rushed upwards to clasp around Hua Cheng’s sturdy neck. Hua Cheng’s neck was already slick with sweat, but he made no attempt of undressing himself further. The sleeves of his white dress shirt were rolled up all the way to his elbows, and the first few buttons in front were undone, revealing his toned, and now glistening chest. He had released Xie Lian’s now bruised throat, allowing him to glance downwards at his body.

Since the shirt was hanging loosely from Hua Cheng’s shoulders, Xie Lian could see all the way down past his chest, over the enticing bends and curves of his toned core muscles, and finally, was able to spot the monster lurking between his legs. Even in his clouded and passive awareness, Xie Lian registered its size and what it was about to do… what he had begged it to do, and knew that it was impossible. It wouldn’t fit.

But he couldn’t speak. Even though he knew this somewhere in his addled brain, he couldn’t put the thought into words. Just as he tried to convey this realization to Hua Cheng through wide eyes instead, he felt the other man’s hot breath against his ear. Xie Lian’s blood went cold as he heard the frightening excitement in Hua Cheng’s deep voice.

„Gege… I’m going all the way, just like you wanted.“

Xie Lian only had time to register Hua Cheng’s carnivorous grin, as he tightly gripped Xie Lian’s waist, making it bend upwards.

And then, everything stopped. Heartbeat, breath, time, consciousness… everything. Xie Lian’s mouth was wide open in absolute shock, not a breath escaping his constricted throat. His fingers burrowed into the back of Hua Cheng’s head, tensing as the initial flash of pain spread out into his hips, legs and eventually toes. The pain was white-hot, burning, scathing… unlike anything Xie Lian had ever felt before. From his wide open eyes, tears ran down his temples into the tangled mass of hair. Breathe, he thought, he needed to breathe.

Releasing the air in his lungs in stuttering gasps, the cramped muscles in his abdomen finally relaxed somewhat around the hard, foreign object. Xie Lian really felt like he had just been impaled, but because it was San Lang, he felt none of the fear or panic. And as he waited, slowly, the pleasure among the pain started emerging. Just as shocking as the sudden hurt was, as encompassing was the incredible feeling that now spread from below his abdomen. It was a kind of pleasure so intense and overwhelming, it was addicting… it was ecstasy.

After Hua Cheng watched Xie Lian’s expression closely and made sure that he was okay, he started moving. First, out backwards, then, forcing himself even deeper into Xie Lian’s insides, evoking whimpers and spasms of delight from him as he grinded against his most sensitive spot.

Xie Lian was on the height of sensitivity and could have come just from that… but he made himself hold on, wait more, wait a little longer… in things like this, he could control himself very well, he now learned.

After just a few repetitions, Hua Cheng’s movements became easier… which meant faster and stronger. Xie Lian’s body had adapted to the hard and thick object fairly quickly, allowing it to enter in and out of itself smoothly. Unfortunately like this, the tip of the shaft reached Xie Lian’s spot with nearly every pounding entry, making his back arch and toes curl in a struggle to delay his orgasm. Through wet squelches and breathless moans, Xie Lian kept babbling nonsensical pleas and cries for mercy… all of which Hua Cheng answered with faster, even more precise movements. Hua Cheng was ruthless, and against this incessant assault, Xie Lian could last no longer.

Hua Cheng mercilessly fucked him straight into coming, an explosive climax making every muscle in his body tense and shake as sticky, white liquid flew out of his own swollen shaft, all over the length of his torso. At the moment the orgasm hit, Xie Lian screamed, but barely a sound entered through his ears muffled by intoxication. The aftershocks of pleasure coursed through his body, making it twitch and buckle, and his eyes roll back in their sockets. But even after a while, the high didn’t seem to dissipate, keeping Xie Lian on edge and frantic for more. He noticed through his numb and pulsating hips that Hua Cheng’s long shaft was still there, tightly wedged inside his body. The sensation of being filled to the brim with San Lang, his length tightly stuffed inside Xie Lian all the way to its base, made Xie Lian lose his mind anew. He never wanted him to leave.

But Xie Lian had no power left to protest as Hua Cheng finally did pull out, releasing the white liquid which had been trapped inside the now completely swollen entrance. As Xie Lian felt San Lang exit him, he felt so desperate, so unwilling he wanted to cry. His trembling hands were still resting on his neck, and now, in an attempt of protest, he dug his fingers into his skin with force. „Don’t leave!!!“, Xie Lian shouted in his mind, searching for San Lang’s face through blurry eyes. „More!!“

Hua Cheng’s face was almost untouched by the exertion, only a faint redness resting on his cheeks, skin only partly glistening with sweat. He was staring down at a completely messed-up Xie Lian, cum splattered all over his trembling, feverish-hot body… he ran his eye over the thin waist, which now carried the imprints of his fingers… up over the perked-up little knobs on his chest, over his ravaged neck, and finally rested on his face, a face etched with submission and pitifulness. His swollen, red lips were still half open, carrying pearls of saliva, sweat and tears. His cheeks and ears were burning with an intense blush, which just accentuated his unfocussed and glassy eyes, those which now were staring back at him, begging him to deface him even more.

Hua Cheng felt his body throb and tense at this sight… it was entirely irresistible. And when Xie Lian finally managed to breathlessly cry „San Lang…“, eyes watering even further, his entrance twitching and beckoning… Hua Cheng could hear the sound something snap in his brain, and in the next moment, saw only red. In quick succession, he tore Xie Lian’s hands away from his neck, gripped his delicate wrists within one hand, and with the other, grabbed his hips and in one swift movement, flipped him around.

Xie Lian registered what was happening, but had no strength left to uphold his body tension, letting his chest fall against the couch… but it wasn’t like he had a choice anyway. His wrists were tightly locked behind his back, giving him no way to support his upper body as it was pressed into the cushions by overwhelming strength. His hips were still in a tightlock, forced high into the air on his knees, completely exposing his pitiful entrance. Looking at the puckered hole still oozing liquid, Hua Cheng subconsciously licked his lips, breathing heavily. When he felt Xie Lian wriggle beneath him, he tightened his grip and moved his hand to his waist, denying any attempt of escape. Xie Lian trembled at the touch, but stopped resisting, instead trying to relax into the shameful position.

Hua Cheng continued to let his burning gaze roam around the exposed area, over the soft curves of Xie Lian’s butt, which were begging so desperately to be bitten and marked… it wandered down to the mess between the cheeks, inserting itself into its fleshy crevice, making him imagine just what kind of sight it must be inside. Thinking about it, shudders travelled down Hua Cheng’s spine, and with a growl, he finally couldn’t wait any longer.

Without even a second’s hesitation, his entire length parted Xie Lian’s insides anew, pushing in all the way until his taut abdomen pressed against Xie Lian’s flushed butt cheeks. The tightness around his shaft made Hua Cheng grip Xie Lian’s wrists and waist even tighter, seeking to completely control him, from inside and out.

Xie Lian was beyond any sound awareness. When Hua Cheng entered him, stars flashed before his vision, as a feeling so indescribably overpowering completely shut down his thought process. Xie Lian felt like he was about to burst, explode, his body entirely at the mercy of the hot object invading him from behind. And yet, as if obeying its call for dominance, Xie Lian’s body automatically leaned backwards, wanting to accommodate the shaft, accepting it as its new ruler. Hua Cheng grinned at this, but made no intention of moving; letting himself fill up Xie Lian a little more, a little longer.

Xie Lian was in torment under the unmoving object just resting inside him… he felt like he was about to go insane. Somewhere, he found the strength to part his lips and breathlessly cry: „San Lang… p-please, ugh, pl-please move… I- I- I’m begging you… please…“

Even though they were connected down below, Hua Cheng’s size enabled him to lean over and get his face right next to Xie Lian’s.

When he spoke, it felt to Xie Lian as if the devil himself were the one looming over him… his ear twitched with oversensitivity at the deep growl.

„Gege, do you want me to move?“

„Ahh…“, Xie Lian could only whimper as unsatisfied lust made his vision fill with crimson haze. He couldn’t answer verbally anymore, so he just desperately grinded his parted butt against Hua Cheng, hoping to get him to move like this… but Hua Cheng wasn’t so easily persuaded.

Lips touching Xie Lian’s ear, his voice now directly entered it and seemed to burn right into his brain, branding him with his teasing and torturing.

„Gege, do you want me to fuck you?“

Xie Lian couldn’t take it anymore. He was convinced that if San Lang didn’t start moving right this instant, he would go irreversibly mad. Desire boiling over, and seeing no other solution, he cried out: „Yes!!! I want San Lang to fuck me!!!“

Hua Cheng’s fangs flashed as he grinned in satisfaction. The next moment, through the overwhelming sparks of nerve impulses, Xie Lian felt a tug down below, and indescribable relief washed over him. He stemmed up his hips even more as Hua Cheng finally relented, thrusting into Xie Lian’s slick entrance with unstoppable force. Xie Lian felt the impact all the way up to his throat, making him gasp with every entry. Inbetween the breathless rhythm, Hua Cheng sometimes slowed down, once even pulled out completely, making Xie Lian feel the maddening emptiness again, crying and begging Hua Cheng to go on fucking him with all his might. It was riveting to see that after such a short time, such a small taste, Xie Lian was already hopelessly intoxicated, insalvably addicted to Hua Cheng’s body and its tormenting shaft. He had completely surrendered control. Finally, as Xie Lian had wished, Hua Cheng consistently kept fucking him faster and harder, skin slapping against skin, hair soaked with sweat, lips trembling as lustful moans escaped them, pleasure slowly taking up every sensation in his body. Xie Lian never wanted it to stop.

He felt the curved shaft slam against his sensitive spot, sending ripples of heat across his insides. His legs were shaking, struggling not to buckle and collapse. Luckily, Hua Cheng seemed to sense some of his predicament, as he moved the hand that wasn’t locking Xie Lian’s wrists in place to the corner where his hip and leg connected, pulling his body up and closer to his own. Like this, to Xie Lian’s horror, he was able to intrude even further, and he felt the shaft’s tip so deep inside his body he thought he was about to break apart. But Xie Lian took it all in, accepted it all; he wouldn’t have minded if San Lang fucked him to death right then and there.

The heat became unbearable as Hua Cheng got faster and faster; Xie Lian’s gasps had long since transformed into cries as the intensity slowly but surely came to a climax. Finally, with a grunt, Hua Cheng pressed himself forward and released his entire load into the depth of Xie Lian’s stomach.

Xie Lian’s whole body shivered and shook as he felt Hua Cheng come inside him, and simultaneously also released with a breathless gasp, splattering the couch with white stickiness. After a few moments of letting the intense orgasm fade out, Xie Lian’s legs finally gave in, and he let his lower body collapse onto the couch. This made Hua Cheng’s still swollen, but exerted shaft slip out with a squelch, pulling fine threads of white between its tip and the soaked, used entrance.

The exertion could now finally be seen on Hua Cheng; the white dress shirt had become translucent with sweat, his chest was visibly heaving, and soft breaths escaped his parted lips. He released his grip on Xie Lian’s wrist and instead held his hand against his feverish cheek, gently brushing the wet strands of hair out of his steaming face. Like that, the two of them rested for a while, catching their breaths. When Hua Cheng spoke again, his tone was soft and shy, standing in complete contrast to the deep voice that had teased Xie Lian just moments ago.

„Gege… are you alright? I’m sorry if I was too rough… can you… still speak?“ San Lang’s gaze had returned from one of a preying wolf to that of a demure puppy, worried that it had hurt its owner while playing. Xie Lian was still gasping with breathlessness, turning slowly from his stomach to his side and raising his hands to his chest. „My.... chest…..“, he whispered, eyelids fluttering with his erratic heartbeat. But then, he raised the corners of his mouth and smiled. „N-no, I’m alright, San Lang. How about you? How… are you feeling?“

San Lang looked down at what he had made of Xie Lian, a dirty, wet and shivering mess, and felt the heat of shame crawl back onto his cheeks.

„I’m fine… but more importantly, Gege needs to get cleaned up, or you’ll catch a cold.“ Eye falling upon the purple bruises on Xie Lian’s neck, he added with a murmur: „…and needs some cream and bandaids…“ Seeing the traces of shame and regret on San lang’s face, Xie Lian softly chuckled.

„San Lang.“

San Lang looked back at him with shyness, afraid he was gonna get scolded, but Xie Lian smiled at him.

„It was amazing.“

San Lang’s eye widened, and he felt these simple three words blow all his doubts away. Xie Lian meant it.

While the warmth of affection settled in both their hearts, San Lang carefully wrapped Xie Lian up in a blanket and carried him off into the bath, from where splashes and giggles emanated until deep into the night.


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